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The two usual roaches we come across here in the West Texas area are German Roaches and American Roaches. Roach infestations are caused by, but not limited to:

+ Unsanitary conditions

+ Plumbing issues

+ Harboring conditions like rotting materials such as leaves and waste

+ Adverse weather conditions

+ Transported bags or items that have roach capsules containing eggs (ootheca)

German Cockroach

German roaches are the most common and most aggressive roaches in Texas. They reproduce rapidly and build up a heavy infestation within a couple months time. They are very good at staying unnoticed, only coming out at night and staying hidden during the day. One egg can have 40 eggs that hatch in less than a month.

American roaches are much larger than German roaches. Their infestations usually occur from open plumbing, chronically clogged drains, and rotting vegitation around the home like leaves.

How is your home treated for cockroaches?

First your home is inspected to determine the species, location, and extent of the infestation. Next, the crawl spaces of your home are power fogged. Then, the entire perimeter of the home is treated with insect growth regulator (IGR) and a contact insecticide. These chemicals have a 3 month residual. The inside of the home is treated with the same chemicals around cracks and crevices. Lastly, gel baits are placed around plumbing and wall voids. The baits are ingested by adults and they defecate in nesting areas where their young are. The young or nymphs, feed on the feces and are poisoned.

Roach nymphs (hatchlings) and egg capsule/pod (ootheca) in dish cabinet of home.

American Cockroach


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