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General Pests

Destroy and prevent those pesky bugs from invading your home. TPWC specializes in identifying and controlling spiders, scorpions, roaches, bed bugs, beetles, ants, other insect species, and rodents in and around your home. Sign up for quarterly treatments and receive a 90 day warranty after each treatment. 


TPWC offers a variety of termite services all of which include the following: pre-treatments, full or partial treatments, and WDI reports. Termites can go unnoticed in homes for years. Be sure to check your home regularly for signs like wood damage, wings along window sills and mud tubs around baseboards and ceilings. Termites can cause severe damage to home and even compromise the structural integrity of the home. Make sure you are using an applicator you can trust when it comes to ridding your home of termites or preventing your home from getting them.



Unlike most pest control companies, TPWC is licensed in Weed Control by the Texas Department of Agriculture and Structural Pest Control Service. TPWC can provide control of weeds in your yard, industrial property, commercial property, alleys, and right-of-ways. Whether is total vegetation control or selective weed control, TPWC has got you covered. 





TPWC provides various treatments for lawns like fertilizing, fungicide application, weed control, and pesticide application. TPWC also provides treatments for trees and shrubs for pests, disease, and nutrient deficiencies. 

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